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In this practical video, he offers three tips for managing a flight, from airspeed control to autopilot usage.The goal is for your mind to arrive at the next waypoint before the airplane does.In this off-again on-again series I have touched on awareness, intelligence and coordination. Being realistic also sounds like part of a plan for flying.The first thing that comes to mind is the extremely tired old saw about knowing your (or your airplane’s) limitations.I observed one locally-based Cessna 172 try to execute a simulated engine-out emergency landing on our 5,000 ft-long runway.Pilots and aviation lobby groups are up in arms right now about the potential privatization of Air Traffic Control, and rightly so.Unfortunately, these same groups have been much quieter about another government-led aviation disaster, one that has happened right under our noses: the relentless expansion of restricted and controlled airspace.Single pilot IFR is hard, says well-known flight instructor Jason Miller, and the biggest challenge is to stay ahead of the airplane.

I took off and decided to test the new plane with some basic maneuvers and a lazy flight.Jody Kochansky was lucky enough to get a view of Manhattan from his Cirrus SR-20 on a perfectly clear day, and he shares it in this week’s Friday Photo.I was out at my local airport one recent afternoon, watching planes beat up (or should I say pulverize), the traffic pattern, and I saw something that really made me wonder what folks were thinking.The higher incidence of accidents in E-AB aircraft is just as logical as the fact that the fatal accident rate in private (general) aviation is almost infinitely higher than it is in airline flying.When more freedom is granted by reducing regulations and eliminating stifling procedures then the risk goes up.

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