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The Commonwealth legislation governs online stalking and harassment behaviour.

The crimes legislation amendment (telecommunications offences and other measures Act) – (No.

Parents should help maintain their child’s social health, well-being and prevent harmful on-line behaviours.

Parents should acknowledge symptoms and raise concerns with their child’s school, contact the Foundation: (03) 9094 3718 or the Office of the Children’s e Safety Commissioner: 1800 880 176 –

In other states stalking and harassment laws cover parts of the Victorian Act but there is no specific law that makes bullying a crime.

Step in, stand up, report and inform the cyber bully that their behaviour is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

It could interfere with development of empathy, social and problem-solving skills (typically obtained by exploring unstructured play and interacting with friends).

It’s important to have direct face-to-face interaction.

There is no suggested time limit however should excessive usage affect sleep, self-esteem or cause stress, the Foundation suggests a break from social media, balance is key.

Parents could install a filter that not only records the amount of time used but can automatically disconnects the service temporarily once a set limit has been reached.

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