Auto updating slide show viewer

I am an avid reader of sites like Engadget, and I listen to the TWi T podcast religiously.So I was aware of the existence of the Raspberry Pi, but as I don't consider myself a 'maker', I wasn't overly interested.I have three monitors, and just upgraded my AMD drviers for my graphics card. Ok guys has anyone got the slideshow to work on your lock screen yet, i have tried everything including deleteing a particular file in screen folder to making new files everywhere and still nothing, when i press WIN L it works great but the minute...I actually did build it, and it ran for a good while.

It will show maybe 20 or 30 pics in a loop and that's it - it won't show all the rest of the pics. Is there a way to set it to show ALL the pics, in a loop?I browsed all the Raspberry Pi projects I could find, looking for inspiration.I came across a lot of hardware-related projects, but I am no electrical engineer.I thought it was a wonderful device that someone else could use to create something cool.That all changed the day a coworker announced he had acquired one for use in his own Pi-based project.

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