Chiangmai dating agency

Speed dating sessions at Your Bar Angela – who goes by the name Angela Love according to her Facebook profile – wants to be the hero that singles in Chiang Mai need.“I just have this vision that everyone is in love and giggling,” she told me. I cannot name more than one or two men I have ever met here who have had sex with a prostitute while in Thailand. Yes, it is a sweeping generalization, but I am keenly aware that Thailand gives men –either in or not in relationships — permission to act like sex crazed teens and while they can do whatever they choose, I’m not going to take sloppy seconds after some hooker in Patong. I much rather just go back to working on me and making myself happy. From dating websites that advertise how many marriages their services end in, to the magic of Tinder and Grindr, allowing romance to be just the swipe of a smartphone away, there is no doubt that the dating game is changing with each passing year.But even with these new ways to meet each other, it seems that personal contact has also lost some of its ease due to our technological crutch.

” It also proved challenging to get enough people to sign up for her debut event, particularly to get enough ladies (the fee for females was eventually waived) but with some hard selling, her quota was reached just in time.

I wanted to scrub my entire body raw and vomit glass, that’s how furious I was. And, I’ve never met a FOF through a female here and don’t really even know any females here. And, I am oh-so glad to just be done with even trying to figure the shit out.

Not to mention the sheer disgust when I learned from my friend that this FOF planned this trip to be top-secret. Unless they come highly recommended, but most men I know here would rather their buddies get laid than ruin the chances. This little portion of my project is officially over.

“It’s such bliss to be in this beautiful city and I want to share it.” Angela has acted on her vision, creating an event planning organisation called Dating Chiangmai.

Her goal is simply to plan fun events for singles to meet and make connections without having the pressures of committing to a first date. “It’s for the love of the community and for the love of my single friends.” But that’s not her only motivation.

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