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So set aside a day and apply to as many as you feel comfortable with to get a sense of who is ready to give you the best terms.Here are more details on the 5 lenders offering the lowest interest rates: So Fi (read our full So Fi review) was one of the first lenders to start offering student loan refinancing products.Just beware that they might only show you deals that pay them a referral fee, so you could miss out on lenders ready to give you better terms.Below is what we believe is the most comprehensive list of current student loan refinancing lenders. FICO says there is little to no impact on your credit score for rate shopping as many providers as you’d like in a single shopping period (which can be between 14-30 days, depending upon the version of FICO).Some providers with variable rates will cap them, which can help temper some of the risk.If you go to other sites they may claim to compare several student loan offers in one step.We have created the most complete list of lenders currently willing to refinance student loan debt.

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But, if you are going to be paying your loan for a long time, a fee may be worth paying.Think hard about the chances you won’t be able to make payments for a few months.Once you refinance, you may lose flexible Federal payment options that can help you if you genuinely can’t afford the payments you have today.Check the Federal loan repayment estimator to make sure you see all the Federal options you have right now.If you can afford your monthly payment, but you have been a sloppy payer, then you will likely need to demonstrate responsibility before applying for a refinance.

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