Couchsurfing and dating

Couch Surfing is not simply about a free place to stay for the night.

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It is also possible to create or join groups and activities related to personal interests or locations, offering you to meet people in the place that you live, as well as travellers.

If however, you simply want to find free accommodation and not interact with your host, stay away from Couch Surfing and read this page about free accommodation instead. Couch Surfing is my personal favourite and in my opinion, the best site to use, and way bigger than other sites that offer similar services.

At this moment in time, there is no other site that has anywhere near as many members or active communities, meaning that you will be less likely to find hosts or meet-ups.

It is important to be as vigilant when using Couch Surfing as you would be in regular life, and a big part of ensuring that you are in a comfortable situation is establishing the ground rules online before you meet your host / guest (see next section).

In order to help improve safety, Couch Surfing uses a feedback system: After staying with someone, leave either a positive, negative, or neutral feedback so that other users can see more about the person in question.

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