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Within this beautiful landscape lies ancient ruins, hundreds of years old. For decades, the Incan empire dominated the land, conquering all other civilizations around them until 1533 when they were finally overthrown by the Spanish.

And left behind were the ancient Incan cities that inhabit the jungles and coastlines.

Winner: Lima The viewer is introduced to several shots of exotic jungles and ancient Incan temples.

A monkey is seen swinging across a vast canopy as a snake slinks its way around numerous logs and fallen trees.

People are gonna underestimate me as that crazy ol' circus freak who doesn't have a single brain cell in his head, but they're gonna regret that soon enough.

One way or another, I'm gonna tame this game.(Chuckling)Back home I am a highly successful attorney and I pride myself on my razor-sharp abilities with people and being able to read them.

Being out here, with all these wild animals and exotic plant life really brings it all home for me.

The scene reopens as the focus is put on both of the jeeps containing the sixteen castaways of Survivor: Peru as both vehicles come to a halt.

The drivers then instruct the contestants to get off the jeep and head over to their respective tribe mat.

The focus finally hones in on two jeeps, similar to the ones from previous seasons, carrying sixteen people who are ready for a journey that they will never forget.

Probst is seen standing at the edge of one of the many enormous cliffs located in the area, ready to introduce the new season.

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