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The chronicle of Abu'l-Feda, also known as Bar Hebrus, was written in the early 14th century.

Its author was a junior member of the Ayubite dynasty which provided rulers of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Syria from the mid-12th century until the Mongol conquest in the 13th century.

The versions of these sources which have been consulted are the French translations included in the 19th century compilation Receuil des historiens des croisades, one difficulty with which is that they translate no material dealing with events before the end of the 11th century.

In addition, in some cases parts of the works have been omitted.

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It includes particulars of some marriages which are not mentioned in Abul-Feda.

Theophanes records the marriage of "Leo imperator Constantino filio suo" and "filiam Chagani Scytharum principis" and that she was baptised as .

The primary source which confirms her original name and the name of her father has not yet been identified.

This marriage was arranged by Emperor Leon III to confirm his alliance with the Khazars against their common enemy the Arabs ([731/32]) as his first wife, KONSTANTINOS, son of Emperor LEON III & his wife Maria --- (Jul 718-14 Sep 775, bur Constantinople, Church of the Holy Apostles).

He was crowned co-Emperor by his father at Easter 720. The Pechenegs originally inhabited the steppes to the east of the River Volga north of the Caspian and Aral Seas.

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