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For the most part, Hmong children are doing well in schools.

An increasing number of Hmong high school graduates have gone on to colleges or universities. The Hmong-Americans are getting more involved in the community, and generally doing the varied things that one would expect in any community.

They were independence and enjoyed the freedom that they came to seek.

Since 1975, about half of the Hmong in Laos escaped to seek refuge in Thailand.

95% of all able body Hmong-Americans are participating in the local workforce.

Nearly 70% of all Hmong families have become homeowners.

After the War in 1975, the Hmong were singled out by the victorious communist governments of Laos and Vietnam.

They were hunted down, taken to concentration camps, and persecuted.

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References to the is considered derogatory by many non-Chinese Hmong, though it is still in common use in China The term Hmong came into use, often translated as meaning “free” or “free people.” The Hmong had no written language in the early years.

In the 18th century, large numbers of Hmong migrated to Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Thailand in response to the oppressive Qing Dynasty ruling in China.

Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand now have some of the largest Hmong populations after China.

The latest phase of Hmong refugee resettlement in the U. Hmong culture places great importance on the family.

Most Hmong move to Wisconsin from other states to join with families, relatives, and clan leaders.

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