Dating elgin watches by serial number

It does not seem to be as well known and we hope that our movement database is more complete and that our instructions are more helpful.

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Use a small tool with a flat blade, such as small standard screwdriver or a case knife, to loosen the case back at the notch and open the case back.

Look for a serial number stamped on the inner workings of the watch and write down this number.

(late '67 / early '68 transition to 6 digit serial numbers). This means the watch was made in 1976 (the first 6) in April (the number 4).

Of course the year could be 66, 86, 96 or even 2006.

I've been collecting and repairing watches for many years.

The other number you will need is the serial number.

Then let me welcome you to "The Watch Guy" website.

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Early on I realized that finding information, reference material and supplies was difficult and time consuming. I am also into repair, which is something that is pretty easy to learn, but takes years to get really good at. So much expertise and knowledge is being lost every year as older members of the profession are preparing for retirement.

I would encourage anyone interested in this field to pursue it...

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