Dating for senior citizen

Three of "The Columnists" actually tapped their first typewriter keys for the same Santa Cruz (Calif.) High School newspaper: Ron Miller (Class of '56), Chuck Mc Fadden ('55) and Len Klempnauer ('54). The Congress of California Seniors takes stands on issues of importance to mid-life and older persons and their families.CCS is affiliated with the National Council of Senior Citizens (NCSC), which advocates at the national level on issues affecting mid-life and older persons.Features include politics, arts, health & spirituality, lifestyle options, and offbeat humor. Modem, aka Richard Sherman, gives lots of computer tips and tricks, answers to oft-asked questions, everything aimed at senior computer users. Modem’s Desktop” appears in seniors papers around the country.A free, easy-to-use service that identifies federal and state assistance programs for older Americans.

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Once you register your telephone number(s) with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), it will take 31 days for the updated list to be circulated before you notice a reduction in telemarketing calls.

is run entirely by volunteer editors, artists and writers. Its readers come from Australia, Canada, Holland, India, New Zealand, UK and USA. "Age doesn't matter unless you are cheese." -- Dorothy Parker.

Winner of the coveted Gray Pow Award (as was Suddenly Senior). What would a seniors' list of sites be without some good old-fashioned music?

Thanks to recently enacted laws, many senior citizens have access to a new source of cash - their life insurance policies.

Just like your house, car, or stocks and bonds, life insurance policies can now be sold for cash.

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