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In the picture that first made him famous amongst Duggar followers, his shirt was untucked from his pants, revealing his underwear.

“Good grief, poor guy probably doesn’t even realize his shirt is untucked,” a fan wrote.

A relative, one Peeclaire, who doubted the photo, demanded more proofs, saying he could take the matter “personal.” Another relative, Miller, however, said he knew the duo were lovebirds, accusing her of making up the allegation against the deceased.

To convince Miller, she noted the reason for the scuffle in a series of comments edited by our correspondent. Yesterday (Sunday), I was coming back from Aunty Felicia’s house around past 7am.

“I don’t think he’d date Jana or rather she wouldn’t date him,” another commented.

“He’s sloppy.” But he showed an excellent sense of humor when he responded to these comments.

Someone that can do this kind of thing, can as well kill you,” she said.

But it looks like the days of cleaning up after her family may be over.

According to the rumors, Jana Duggar may be dating Caleb Williams, who appeared front and center in a picture that the Duggar family posted on Facebook a few weeks ago.

As Duggar girls do not pursue college, for the past decade, she has devoted most of her time doing work around the house, nurturing gardens, and taking care of her younger siblings.

Especially now that every Duggar girl over the age of 18 has left the house, a lot of the work seems to fall on Jana.

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