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Working for NBC, where she makes apps for the , Hill said the biggest barrier for working moms is getting employers to trust their skills.

“You could say that the barrier is that the technology changes, but really, I learned the new technology,” the Seattle-based developer said.

Chris Windsor, a full-stack developer, pitched a grocery story app. It organizes a person’s grocery store list to match the aisles in an actual store.

Women bring a creative and relational component to technology and development work.Imagine an app whose users pray through their contact lists with the goal of collectively praying for the whole world.Christian developers like Lori Hill teamed up to create Ceaseless, which invites people to “pray for three friends each day and together we can pray for everyone on earth.” Hill plugged away at the program during Code for the Kingdom’s global hackathon in October.They’re helping dream up technological solutions for mentoring, dating, sex trafficking, and the Syrian refugee crisis.Women in the industry see themselves as focused on getting tech out of the code and into the real world.

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