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Mostly, right now I’m knee deep in writing a show that I am creating with my partner Mav Viola who’s an actual writer and a comedian. “Maturity is giving up the hope that the past could have been different” – Oprah Yes. So to get on a show as good and as successful as CSI: Miami, to be part of the franchise, is astonishing. Jonathan Togo is an American actor who is immensely famous for his work as an actor in ‘CSI: Miami’ playing the role of Ryan Wolfe.

During his days at Vassar College, he was a member of the band “The El Conquistadors” along with Sam Endicott and John Conway.Jonathan Togo initiated his career as an actor in some of the plays like ‘Our Country’s Good’ which was followed by her breakout role in the ‘CSI: Miami’ portraying the role of ‘Ryan Wolfe’.Along with his role as Ryan Wolfe, he also played in some of the Television series like ‘Special Unit 2’, ‘Judging Amy’, etc.She had her breakthrough appearance in major film in 2005 known as Wedding Crashers that she followed up with roles in Hot Temale and Accepted.In 2006, she made her appearance in four movies most notably her major role in a horror prequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the beginning. But later, was cut from final version of that movie.

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