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Recent studies by the National Park Service and the BLM (1984) suggest an average density of 24 archeological sites per square mile, or up to 11,000 rock shelters, campsites, lithic scatters, stone tool quarries, and petroglyph sites throughout the Dirty Devil region.

Since the 1930s, there has been a series of proposals for preserving the primitive character of the Dirty Devil canyons. Department of the Interior launched a proposal to create a 4.5-million-acre Escalante National Monument in Utah.

For centuries the Dirty Devil canyon system has been a barrier to civilization, a 300,000-acre wilderness suspended between sheer walls. Here one can find, in abundant supply, all that one could hope for in wilderness.

The landscape is an infinite series of novel and beautiful shapes.

The primitive beauty of the Dirty Devil country has inspired proposals for national monument, national park, and wild and scenic river designations.

In 1965 some 50,000 acres surrounding the lower Dirty Devil River canyon were included in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Herds of antelope roam the plateau country along both canyon rims.

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The remainder of the canyon system lies on BLM land.

Yet, despite strong public support for protecting the entire region, the BLM has failed to recognize its importance.

The Utah Wilderness Coalition's 263,500-acre proposal would protect that integrity for future generations. It was a fortressed triangle of deep canyons, rivers and mesas and perfectly suited the needs of the outlaws.

Deep within the Dirty Devil River canyons lies a mesa called "The Block." It is a formidable object, a thousand-foot-high fortress with cliff walls curving inward to form deep bays and coves and reaching outward as jetty-like arms. To stand at the northern edge of The Block on a hot, stormy summer night is an experience akin to extraterrestrial travel.

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