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I have a similar request and was wondering where you are with this endeavor of yours. Get an excellent view through the foscam viewer app downloaded to an i Pod. However, I want a similar stream to find its way to a webpage.

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At the following link have created a web page to broadcast live from my home ip camera.

At least you didn't write it had to work with your existing cams.

Hello, thanks again for your time but my camera provides an rtsp stream and thats all - I do not want to use a 24/7 pc or mobile phone to convert this rtsp stream to flash for youtube - I need an option like the service that i use now like ipcamlive but for free! Many cell phones are quite good camera's, they can communicate over Wi Fi and they can run the apps you need.

But as you don't want the PC your search continues.

Maybe there's a pay solution but that's not on the table.

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