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The intelligent staff at Scarleteen not only shed light on the STI and the treatment available, but lent a caring, informative, and thoughtful hand.

Scarleteen is a venue that promotes healthy self-image, a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy sex life.

With few exceptions, including a statement from the National Imams Council, almost all of the talk of religious freedom and opposition to the bill on the grounds of faith has come from Christian leaders, particularly from the Anglican and Catholic Churches.

But now one Muslim leader has offered an explanation.

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In a press release, Muslims for Marriage Equality spokesman Fahad Ali, former peer educator with the AIDS council of NSW, stated: "There is a diversity in belief and opinion on equal marriage within the Muslim community …Episode four included such delights as: Hardy disembowelling a giant assailant while being watched by a young boy; Tom Hollander casually eating cow faeces; and a high society laughing gas party for ‘duck hunters and whores dressed as ducks.’We didn’t get that in Downton Abbey…The show’s creators (Hardy and his father, along with Peaky Blinders’ writer Steven Knight) obviously felt that early elements in the storyline - such as incest, cannibalism, witchcraft, slavery, and genocide – had already become a bit passé.Like the back street bordellos its characters frequented, Taboo had something for everyone – some kind of transgression that even its most ardent fan would eventually object to.there is a strong thread of egalitarianism and social justice within the Koran and we think that it is very applicable to the question of same-sex marriage."In recognition that many LGBT Muslims — or supporters — may be living with family members who do not support their views, Muslims for Marriage Equality is offering to provide temporary postal addresses for those who cannot have their ballot paper sent to their home addresses.As Rusi Jaspal, Professor of Psychology & Sexual Health from De Montfort University pointed out, it is difficult to define a single Islamic position on homosexuality, because Islam is diverse, with about 1.6 billion followers across six continents.

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