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Schulz’s parents enrolled him in the correspondence program that spring.

Schulz later cited choosing the Federal Schools over other resident art schools in the Twin Cities area as due to the fact that, “it was this correspondence course’s emphasis upon cartooning that won me.” The summer after graduation, Schulz caddied at the local Highland Park Golf Course, took odd jobs, and continued his coursework with the Federal Schools.

At age 14, this would mark the point of Charles Schulz’s first published drawing.

The Schulz family returned to the house at 473 Macalester Street in St.

But one thing remains absolutely constant (and oh so predictable!Black and white dogs figured prominently in Charles Schulz’s childhood.When Charles Schulz was a small boy, the family got a little Boston Bull Terrier named Snooky, but it was the memory of their next dog, Spike, that would spur the antics of Snoopy for years to come.The Schulz family was given a black and white mixed breed dog named Spike.Less than two years later Spike would become the subject of Schulz’s first published illustration and over a decade later would become the inspiration for Snoopy.

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