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Though as an actor, he chafes at the need for an accent to play an Indian character, he still pushes his ethnicity to get the part.In his book, he breezes past any mention being brown in predominantly white dating pool. When his girlfriend Rachel, questions him as to why he never told his parents about her, he hides behind that’s not done in our culture argument.Which self-respecting desi parents would do any of the following: not remind you about their rags-to-riches journeys and sacrifices every single day?Console their son that he would get another acting gig instead of hauling his behind back to medical school?Ansari’s approach to the world is a sort of paralysis in decision making given the abundance of choice whether finding the best tacos or a suitable girl.Steeped with references to a very digital landscape of Google, Uber, Yelp, Tinder and a dating culture dominated by texting, hooking up, and also flaking out, it feels very contemporary.For someone who spends his time obsessing about tacos, pastas, ribs and relationships, the only cultural roots he seems to have is to just about to know what pappadums are.

They move away from a twenty-something voice-of-my-generation paradigm to a more grappling-with-the-world-and-their-place-in-it observational comedy.

let’s just pick a generic Indian name I like and have it stick.

Why else is Aziz Ansari’s semi-autobiographical alter ego, the son of Tamilian immigrant parents, called Dev Shah?

All this feels and plays like a contrived set up rather than a real reflection of a relationship with his parents.

That his real-life parents cameo as his fictional parents is adorable with his father (Shoukath Ansari) stealing the show, they win hands down for the most wishful-thinking-fictional-desi-parents ever.

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