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I had a life up there on that plateau, twenty-six miles away, two thousand feet above, in another world. We said that was why we stayed.” FOR SEVEN YEARS, the only way for the outside world to reach New Mexico’s best-kept literary secret was to dial into the Golden Spur Saloon, the lone beer joint in Magdalena (pop.926), and leave a message with Millie behind the bar.It is hot, dry, and dusty in the summer, cold, dry, and dustier in the winter.I left it twice, but both places I went were worse.” ACCORDING TO A LEGEND recounted by David Wallace Adams in into New Mexico.Helen Macdonald, the author of , his great and moving meditation on love and loss and home.But if Bodio is new to you, then know that the book you are holding is by one of the great modern sportsman-naturalist-writers.” STEPHEN JOSEPH BODIO was born in Boston on March 4, 1950, the oldest of nine children.

He keeps letters from people like Jim Harrison, who died last year, and Thomas Mc Guane, one of his heroes, who checks in occasionally from Montana.

What was supposed to be a summer in Magdalena turned to winter and then summer again.

The house filled up with dogs, birds, and books as the couple settled into a writing routine that was too peaceful to leave.

When Bodio was 13, his gang of friends checked out some falconry books from the library and got it in their heads to try the ancient sport for themselves.

Armed with nothing but yardsticks and badminton netting, they trekked out to Plymouth and managed to capture a pair of kestrels.

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