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When James Safechuck Jr filed court documents in May 2014, he vividly described how his relationship with Jackson evolved, starting with a seemingly innocent invitation to the pop star’s home. He was written about briefly in several Jackson-related books, but even writers who had delved deeply into Jackson’s life often got the facts about Jonathan incorrect or missed crucial details entirely. The simple fact is that nobody apart from Jackson’s inner circle knew much about Jonathan, and among his inner circle, people like Bill Bray simply lied about the boy and his relationship with Jackson.Jonathan Spence became the focus of Michael Jackson’s attention for over a year.He needed to allay the suspicions of those who might question the twenty seven year old pop star’s motives.In Diane Dimond’s book , realtor Gloria Berlin stated that Jonathan’s father was “a screenwriter of some note who left the boy in the care of the Jackson family at Hayvenhurst so he could work in Europe”.Jackson himself told his personal maid, Blanca Francia, that .

Michael Fassbender plays Macbeth as a tough, conniving despot, driven mad by power and grief.

Kurzel's staging is as authentic and firmly located in place and time as any production could be.

The characters get around, mostly, in a fetching ensemble of sack cloth, scarred leather, mud and dung.

There was also some misinformation regarding Jonathan’s parents.

Jackson needed a plausible excuse as to why he would be spending so much time with a young boy both in his bedroom at Hayvenhurst and also while he was out and about.

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