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While I have no issues being like that when out to eat with family or friends, I hesitate to be like that on a date with someone I’m just getting to know, because I don’t want him to think of me as neurotic or that I have weird food issues. Have the conversation ahead of time, before you get to the restaurant.

Also I’m worried that the guy might pick a place like pizza or Italian, which would make it very difficult to eat Whole30 style. I will go apeshit if you use the words ‘artery-clogging saturated fat’.”—and if he nods, smiles, and says, “I can deal with that,” you know he’s a keeper. In this scenario, you totally mirror his behavior for the first few dates, so you can get to know each other without any conflict. Conversations about food over food are awkward, so make sure you talk about your dietary preferences while making plans.

How about the new American bistro that opened uptown?

I recently got out of a five year relationship with a guy was very on board with Paleo—he even did a Whole30 with me. Here, you decide which things are worth sharing now and which are not necessary to reveal during the first few dates.No big deal.) Also, don’t feel the need to frame everything around your diet.If he suggests Italian, you can simply say, “Actually, Italian’s not my favorite.In general, I think it’s totally healthy to indulge once in a while.If he has follow-up questions at this point, you can give him the basics of the Whole30.

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