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They don't ever shut up about buying houses and ironically the housing market and econimy is the worst in Australia.

I got rich from living in Perth and selling to these suckers.

You know, they get the bed free, then they try rip you off and lie through there teeth in the process.

Now that the boom is well and truly dead I moved to a nicer city in a different country. Meanwhile, I have just discovered a calling App called RINGOVERSEA that is so cheap to call Nigeria. Hope this will help our guys abroad to call home really cheap? All the haters seem to be from the eastern states or silly little winging poms.

I live in WA but not Perth none the less Perth is WA's capital city and a far cry from the heavily populated cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

90 YO grandmother carjacked in "Up Market" area today by a meth head. Don't want your child to grow up as a decent human being with a great childhood? Perth is ruled by big, mainstream corporations, and they will do everything in their power to make sure you will never. succeed :) Don't want to work or do anything productive with your life? Just have 5 children and live off centrelink like every other female here does! This country will not give it to you, even if you pay 0 and wait 6 months for it!

No Country for old men To me Perth is the best city Life is what you make it to be and what I see is a beautiful city and people and plenty oppatunity , there is no such thing as perfection so best wishes to all and enjoy your life no matter were you live Cheers stay happy Some comments are very entertaining and obviously the authors spent a lot of their time hovered over their keyboards typing away with stories from the depths of their minds.. Don't worry, Perth will take your kids childhood completely away. People go to school to get bullied and have their creativity and spirits broken to end up braindead just like their parents! With racists and bigots infesting this soulless and corrupted excuse of a city, prepare to fall into depression on the very first day of your arrival. Perth is a nanny state it is just a short step away from Stepford Wives I have never felt so depressed since I moved here from the UK.

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