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I tried the rubber band/CR123 hack which only worked intermittently and already cost me a pack of film when the meter kept dying at random moments.:( Do you happen to know of any place in Tokyo that does AAA battery conversions?Hi Jim, I was really sad to hear about the discontinuation of 3000B. I take positives from the fact that there’s still Fuji FP-100C color film available to shoot with!Hi Bellamy (or Phil), I recently came into the possession of an absolutely lovely mint-condition Polaroid 360 Land from an estate sale but have been having so much trouble with the batteries.After some Googling, I wrote to Osawa in Ebisu and Sweetroad (a Polaroid specialist in Kanagawa) and no one seems willing to do it.Sending it abroad to get the battery compartment swapped out would probably mean buying a whole new camera, and I’m very fond of this one!Check out the mental health treatment programs that have assisted Dr. Are you or is someone you know in an abusive relationship? If you know someone who is being bullied, don’t let them suffer in silence.

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I want one pretty bad, but it seems that soon the only option for Land Camera film will be via the impossible project, and their films are so expensive. Since Land Cameras are relatively affordable, I still think they are worth picking up.I don’t have the pictures online yet, but most of them came out well exposed.The film jammed at the end, so I lost one of the ten shots, but peel apart film is a lot cheaper than integral!Because of this, the Fuji packs are slightly thicker, which makes for a tighter fit in the camera and often results in the dark slide simply ripping and the paper tabs pulling off of the first couple of photos.The simplest fix for this problem is to procure an original empty metal pack.

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