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And then there are those of us who regard the line “The man’s an arse” as some kind of high point in 21st-century comedy (look out the Boosh episode The Nightmare of Milky Joe for proof if you so require). I suspect he might have been a little hurt by the reaction – or lack of it – to Luxury Comedy. We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments.

Kohled eyes, that splendidly beaky nose, a hairstyle that certain pop stars would give their next platinum disc for. There are some people who have never bought into the DIY surrealism of The Mighty Boosh and certainly had no time for Fielding’s avant garde spin-off Luxury Comedy, which played to a “select” audience on E4. And he’s got kids and life’s a big ask for anyone over 40. All that leaves is a film.” But then he’s been talking about a Boosh film for years. In fact there is something a little wistful about the way he talks about where he is. ” Do you worry about where you are in the league table of comedians? You can make a complaint by using the ‘report this post’ link .

“And the next thing there’s a beam on my head and a policeman telling me, ‘Sir, get off the fence.’ I said, ‘I’m staying with Russell Brand.’ He said, ‘Of course you are, sir.

An Evening with Noel Fielding has, off and on, been on the road since last autumn. There comes a point where you have to trade in the crazy nights and drink peppermint tea.” Fair enough. “Yeah, you can’t do that for ever,” he admits, before rallying. I gave Stevie Nicks a run for her money.” Now there’s a boast. “It was quite bohemian, I suppose, which is probably why I ended up doing what I’m doing.” Growing up, he loved to draw. And in many ways there’s an art-school sensibility to his comedy. You have to make yourself hard so you can live through the humiliation when you start out.” So did he have to toughen up? I liked the banter, which is why I think I can do panel shows quite well.” His material was always off-kilter. ’ Women are quite unusual.” You know that if you twist that answer about a bit you could be describing your own comedy career, don’t you? They always said, ‘Why aren’t there more women in the Boosh?

Friends say Pixie has been obsessed with Fielding, who is a close friend of controversial TV presenter Russell Brand, for weeks."She first started talking to him after they met at a party at Maddox nightclub in London last week following Noel and Russell's gig for the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall," says a source.

"Since then she has been completely infatuated."The news is also likely to come as a shock for Peaches, who claimed she was dating Fielding a year ago - which itself surprised Noel, who was in a long-term relationship with comedienne Dee Plume.

As a respected cook authority with a CBE and half a century’s experience, Leith is the closest thing to a like-for-like Berry replacement.

Last month, Great British Bake Off fans were left scratching their heads at the announcement of the tent’s new star line-up.

You join us in the smeary aftermath of the events of the previous sentence. That was where he was living.” He’s sitting in a London hotel room while he tells us this. “Panel shows are amazing because they’re a good way of getting exposure and you can make stuff up and improvise. “After doing two TV shows back to back that were very post-production heavy, with animation and stuff like that, I wasn’t really feeling like a comedian any more. If we were to head out after the photo shoot, what would occur? There’s this relief you get when you go from Australia to New Zealand. Well, earthquakes obviously …” When he was a boy Noel Fielding liked to dress up as a “psychedelic” cowboy. I used to go to the shops in it.”) And he once thought he saw a fairy. All of a sudden you walk into a room and everyone knows you. Julian was a musician really and I was a painter so we were used to making stuff.

“I tried to sneak into the house at 3.30 in the morning,” he begins. But it’s disposable.” He’d rather you liked him for Boosh or Luxury Comedy, although when it comes to the latter he wasn’t sure anyone did for a long time. Now I’m not doing it they’re coming out of the woodwork. I hadn’t heard anyone laugh for a long time.” He must be used to it again now. Would we inevitably end up trying to clamber over 50 Cent’s electrified fence? “I still have fun on an evening out but maybe not as much as I used to. Australia was hard for me because I’d have to check my hotel room constantly. His brother was nine years younger than him and so his parents – who were themselves young – gave him free rein. I was from south London and used to a lot of banter. Julian and I were married.” What is the smell of fame, I ask Noel Fielding. So we were both used to having a thing at the end of it – ‘Look, this is what we’ve done’ – and I think maybe you can lose that element a little bit by just cropping up on television.” How often does he see Barratt now? Like Morecambe and Wise.” (Presumably that makes Barratt’s partner Julia Davis the Janet Webb of this scenario.) “I think he can see into my bedroom as he walks past.

They created their own world, one that won them a Perrier Newcomer award at Edinburgh, a radio series and three TV series, plus more than a few arena shows. You’re making money so it becomes ‘you should do this’.

And then you’re in Pink Floyd or something.” Random insert two: Noel, complete the following sentence.

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