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Mr Barnett also said the State Government would be introducing Sunday morning trading for all supermarkets, including Coles, Aldi and Woolworths, next year.

Rockingham locals Nicolaas Jordaan and his wife Antoinette were the first customers to walk through the doors at Aldi Kwinana.“We got here at 6am this morning,” Mr Jordann said.“We got the coffee machine and some cleaning products, the prices are very good and competitive.“The layout is good, they don’t stock everything, but in general it’s a great store to shop in.”Quietly protesting outside the Kwinana store were around 20 Maritime Union of Australia WA members.

PERTH shoppers are getting their first taste of Aldi products after the supermarket chain opened its first four WA outlets this morning.

Keen shoppers were queuing outside the supermarkets before dawn to get the first look inside the highly-anticipated stores.

The negative comments seem to come from people who were once here trying to cash in on a "mining boom". You couldn't cut it or you were weeded out when the pickings became slim so you've left with your tale between your legs! So if your thinking of coming over here bring your manners and show a little respect and you will do alright. A chance to re-invent yourself in a new city What doesn't appeal about Perth: 1. If you are thinking of moving to Perth just do it and if after a few years you find its not for you then you can always go back.

Over here in WA we could not give a rats ass how you pesky little brats live in your polluted over crowded crime riddled cities ! Come over with your melbourne or sydney attitudes you'll go back crying like a little bitch. It's so far away from all those friends and family that give you headaches.. Most people who move to Perth love it and never leave.

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Anyhow lady I hope you are reading this cause I still haven't forgotten about you.Nothing ventured nothing gained, don't give up on the idea of trying a new place to live and it may just surprise you that this city is the perfect sea change.Good luck Hollywood prices for everything in an east LA environment. They have absolutely NO IDEA what's going on in the world and they don't care about anyone but themselves.Perth is an easy city to live in, organised, well developed and great for families or retires.People are more friendly in Perth than most developed cities and the cost of living is a lot less than major cities in Asia, Europe or USA.

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