Texas law dating after divorce

One of the disadvantages of a partition and exchange agreement is if the parties resume living together as husband and wife, and do not undo the partition and exchange agreement, then upon the subsequent divorce or death of the parties, they're frequently surprised to learn that the partition and exchange agreement is in full force and effect.In some respects not having the ability to get a legal separation in Texas is probably beneficial to actually keeping marriages together.

And this can present a dilemma for Texas couples that want to live apart without getting a divorce.

To get a SAPCR order, you should retain an experienced family lawyer to handle the matter or contact the Attorney General's Office for assistance in creating your order.

But how can you protect your property rights while you and your spouse are separated?

Pros and Cons of Partition and Exchange Agreements I have seen couples that have had a partition and exchange agreement that's remained in effect for five, ten, fifteen years, or a lifetime --- all the while they remained legally married.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of entering into a partition and exchange agreement is if the parties do subsequently divorce, the property that has been partitioned to a party is that party's separate property and the divorce court cannot take separate property away from a party.

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