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New dating apps should aim to create a different experience combining product and business model to enable its users to better position themselves, i.e.

showcase their genuine interest while minimizing a poor game theory strategy (i.e. We took the liberty of adding a few more points based on economics, thus expanding from game theory to signal theory, adverse selection and search theory.

Teaching complex IR theories to students, who are often early in their academic careers, can be a challenge for many academic staff.

Our approach uses a carefully structured analogy, based on a dating scenario, to challenge students to explain and theorize the behaviour of the key actors in a way that is transferable to an IR analysis of state behaviour.

Tim Hartford, author of “Logic of Life” has a wonderful piece on the The Marriage Supermarket.

People are rational, and act in their best interest.

Suppose 20 men and 20 women show up at the supermarket, it's pretty clear that all the men and women will pair up and split the 0 gain about equally, ,.

Now imagine that the sex ratio changes to 19 men and 20 women.

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Nevertheless, the logic of the marriage supermarket explains why a relatively small change in the sex ratio can lead to a large change in sexual and other mores affecting the marriage equilibrium.

Being rational this unmatched woman is unlikely to accede to being left with nothing and will instead muscle in on an existing pairing offering the man say a : split.

The man being rational will accept but this still leaves one women unpaired and she will now counter-offer :. If you follow through on the logic it becomes clear that in the final equilibrium no married (paired) woman can be significantly better off than the unmarried woman (otherwise the unmarried woman would have an incentive to muscle in with a better deal) and so because the unmarried woman gets nothing the married women can't get much more nothing.

It is up to the other participants with whom they communicate to determine if they are being honest or not, and weigh the importance of this information.

With this known risk, individuals still find the motivation to participate in online dating.

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