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If you have been arrested on a criminal charge in Miami-Dade County it is very important that you are represented by an experienced attorney that specializes in criminal defense law. Simply click on the Chat Live link to get your free consultation right now If you have been arrested for a criminal offense in Miami-Dade County Florida attorney Erik Courtney can help.In addition to Chat Live we also provide 24 hour assistance via telephone and or you can simply send us your information via the Internet on-line and our law firm reviews all inquiries sent to us. When you Call, Chat and or Send Information to our Law Firm via the Internet we will answer any question that you may have in doing so.

No information will be given, disclosed or made available to anyone for any reason.

Our Criminal Defense Law Firm via the Internet has access to Miami-Dade Clerk of the Courts information concerning your case.

This information is Public Information and can be obtained by visiting Miami-Dade Clerk of the Courts at

Although we keep growing, we have always stayed true to small-business fundamentals.

We value every customer, take pride in our work, and offer dependable customer service.

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