Amazing sex dating someone with herpes

Likewise, a person with genital herpes may transmit the virus to a partner who performs oral sex on them.

Using condoms and dental dams can minimize the risk of transmitting herpes, though not eliminate it, as can medication to manage herpes outbreaks, abstinence during outbreaks and healthy lifestyle choices to help the immune system fight the virus.

(See also: Condoms offer some protection against genital herpes [link].) Remember, the majority of those with herpes never know they have it, because they've never have a noticeable outbreak. Many worry about the future of their love life after a genital herpes diagnosis.

They wonder how they'll share the information with new partners.

In most cases, however, there's no reason to share you have genital herpes, or any other particularly sensitive issue, too early in a relationship before you have had a chance to get to know each other and develop trust; it may be a moot point if a relationship doesn't develop.

Many who contract one or both herpes viruses never show any symptoms and, therefore, never know they have it.

Herpes is always transmitted through oral or genital contact with the virus.

Many believe they are safe from genital herpes if they abstain from intercourse.

However, contact with the herpes virus during oral sex can infect a person with genital herpes, oral herpes or both.

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