Consolidating federal student loans wells fargo

Interest rates currently start at 4.24% for Wells Fargo variable interest rate loan consolidation.

However, this number can get slightly lower if you qualify for any of their discount loan programs.

They are called the automatic payment discount and the relationship discount, and here’s how they work: Wells Fargo provides online account access at no charge.

Amounts you can consolidate range from ,000 to 0,000, and the overall total loan amount Wells Fargo offers is 0,000.

According to the , the maximum amount that can be combined in a Wells Fargo loan is 0,000.Today Wells Fargo’s territory includes the West, Midwest, and East, and it offers a number of financial services like consumer loans, insurance, and investment banking.It has a reputation for responsibility and good customer care, and pays special attention to maintaining a diverse work force.The company was formed in 1852 to provide banking services to developing territories in the West, and, nine years later, the “Pony Express” mail service between the country’s eastern and western shores.In 1905, Wells Fargo’s lone bank in San Francisco separated from the express service, and by the 1970s a network of Wells Fargo banks served the northern California region.

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