Counterspy not updating

Dying in Counter Spy is something that will happen, and if your experience is similar to mine, it will happen quite often.

It's annoying, and it distracts from what is otherwise well-constructed gameplay.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as finding these little paper gems hidden around the environment can be one of the many entertaining things to do in the game. You manage these levels by invading both sides; once you invade the Imperialists, the Socialists will become a bit more comfortable and vice versa.

When you are not marveling at the witty set dressing, your eyes can not help but admire the colorful look of Counter Spy. You can force the nation to raise their DEFCON in a variety of ways, with death being the quickest.

You do so by eliminating all surrounding enemies and aiming your gun at the general, who will be easily noticeable by his bright white outfit.

This will lower the DEFCON by 1, but can also be the death of you if you do not watch out.

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    One thing I’ve noticed here and which I don’t like is the fact that the English don’t draw any color line.