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The experts speculate that hackers run a spear phishing campaign across the Ukrainian power authorities to spread the destructive variant to the Black Energy leveraging on Microsoft Office documents.

The attribution of the attack is not simple, we are only aware that the Black Energy malware has a Russian origin and that Russian has a political dispute with the Ukraine that had repercussion also on the cyberspace.

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Cyber security of ICS e SCADA systems in the critical infrastructure is essential, these components are a privileged target of cyber criminals and state sponsor hackers.

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"These are teens that are seeking health care, which we know is a group of youth who tend to have riskier health behaviors," she explained.

Brian Mustanski, an associate professor with the department of medical social sciences at Northwestern University who studies bullying, noted that almost one in three teens said they were asked to send nude or seminude pictures of themselves.

The most common types of abuse were stalking (repeatedly contacting a person to ask what he or she was doing or whom he or she was with) and making mean and hurtful comments.

The Ukraine energy ministry confirmed blackouts and revealed that the Government is investigating on the causes.

It seems that a cyber attack disrupted local energy provider Prykarpattyaoblenergo, causing the major power outage that left half population in the region without electricity.

(The study didn't consider this to be cyber dating abuse.)"Many teens would struggle with how to respond to such a request and may not be aware of the repercussions of sending such pictures," Mustanski said.

"Given how frequently these requests are happening, it is important that parents address this with their children and help them develop the skills to appropriately respond."Study author Dick also suggested that parents treat each other with respect so their kids can learn from them as role models.

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