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The Human Ear cannot supposedly hear these differences, yet some state we need Amplifiers delivering "sound" beyond 20 k Hz to have music sounding right.

You can read that most instruments don't go much over 10k Hz & what you do hear is mainly artifacts, harmonics & hiss making sound seem brighter than it really is.

Phase errors will create a poor sound as well as the minute volume differences. Original research, photos of our hifi & all unquoted text is ©2011-2017 by select45rpm.This is all published freely on the internet by us to further the scene, not to give any seller or forum 'expert' undeserved credibility. How To Know A Speaker Sounds Good How To Know A Speaker Sounds Bad The Vast Majority Of Speakers Are Generally Awful Improve Your Loudspeakers?The modern idea of tiny satellite speakers & an amplified sub are not hifi at all, having heard these, where is the midrange?Any amp or speakers needing a sub active or passive is just a compromise too, trying to add deep bass to an amplifier that is bass-limited just doesn't work as it sounds false.

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