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It's a long time to commit to a total stranger. Feel free to tell your own story but make sure she is doing more of the talking than you are.

Opt for something more casual, short, fun and unique. This date isn't about you rattling off your accomplishments.

Some think it is too early to do that, while others think you are wasting your time not doing it on the first date. Surely, no need to smooch her or let your hands be running all over her.

So, let’s reason and get some solid logical arguments on whether to do some kissing on your second date with the girl. Just give her a nice decent kiss on her lips and hug her a bit.

It also gives you the opportunity to look like a good potential partner to a woman. You can kiss her if you feel she's warmed up to you.

The feeling of being safe and warm in your arms will linger with her far after you leave her door.You can check her feelings for you and prevent the heartache.What if you get so into her over these few first dates, but then you discover she is not into you? This first kiss lets you assess her interest in you.So, go ahead and kiss her during your first date or the second one.If you do not even try to go for the kiss on your second date, the chick may think you are weak guy and a nice friend. She may even call you once in a while or go out with you when she has nothing else to do. Do not be shy, even if she rejects your or gives you her cheek, you get valuable information and stop wasting your time and money on her.

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