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We hope to use it to help (A)YFs keep in touch and to provide a way of letting (A)YFs know about service opportunities, retreats etc.

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To subscribe, send the message subscribe qvstc Yourfirstname Yourlastname To: [email protected] Council on Education The Friends Council on Education Technology Committee has established this list of educators in Friends schools and Friends in non-Friends schools.

Friends-Theology This conference was designed for evangelical, Christ centered Friends to discuss theology and biblical interpretation with each other.

Those interested in a discussion focusing more on the practical side of ministry as well as current topics in the Friends church might wish to subscribe to [email protected] further questions, please contact [mailto:] Joe Ginder. EFM MEN was created to encourage men to become involved in the world ministries of the Evangelical Friends International.

This is not to be confused with spamming, which is the act of sending email to large groups of people who never asked for it.

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