Indecisive dating

Perhaps I was expecting "the one" to come bursting through the clouds or something.

I guess I still haven't learned that perfection comes in many different forms. It sounds like she knew she wouldn't have to worry about getting too involved with her exes, because of religious differences.

What you can do is tell her that you understand that she is confused, and that you think it would help to clear her head if you gave her some space.

Tell her that you will not contact her, and ask that she not contact you until she is over her confusion.

It appears that the relationship with you, while it's not bad, it's not what she has envisioned for her future.

Seems to me that she's not 100% head over heels in love with you and that's exactly what she wants and expects to have with someone she plans to marry.

It's not fair for you to continue having to walk away week after week and still have no sense of closure.

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if she wanted to be with you, the message would have been much clearer. please just don't give up on me." it did not say that. Originally posted by Girl Down that letter seemed like a nice way to say "you're not getting anywhere with me, please move on." move on. her hints are not getting through to you, and she is going to be resentful about having to be firm, or even mean about it, to get the point across. WOmen tend to communicate indirectly and in round about ways.I have been seeing (but not seriously) dating someone for the past 8 months.Our relationship isn't progressing where I want it to and when I confront her about it, she says she is just confused. Please fall to one side of the fence so I can live my life.Maybe I'm feeling a different kind of pressure with you that I didn't feel with past boyfriends b/c I knew for a fact that I could never and would never marry them b/c of the Christian thing. I'm sorry that I can't make heads from tails right now. She had walls put up to keep these other guys from getting too close, it rather sounds like the same thing is going on in regards to you. You either lay off and accept that it may not lead to anything more serious.Now that that's less of a barrier, perhaps I'm in shock and don't know what to do with myself now that the option is there to move foward..... I am doing my best to be honest with myself and that's about the only form of consolation I can offer you at this time. Maybe I've been thinking too hard and have worn away that part of my brain that makes decisions. I am interested in steps I can take to resolve this. Ideally, I want to keep her but if it's not in the card, I need to know. If you don't feel that you and this girl are wanting the same things, I'd suggest breaking up. I am interested in steps I can take to resolve this. Ideally, I want to keep her but if it's not in the card, I need to know.

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