Karen gillan dating

Limited funds Tony Blair said this week that reports of his wealth have been “greatly exaggerated” and he has less than £20 million to his name.Perhaps that’s why he only managed to muster up 30p for Si Cranstoun when he saw the musician busk.Gillan has also voiced advertisements for e Harmony and The Royal Bank of Scotland.In May 2013, Gillan was cast as Nebula in the Marvel superhero science fiction film Guardians of the Galaxy, which was released in August 2014. In February 2014, Gillan was cast as the lead in Selfie, an American single-camera sitcom for ABC, which is produced by Warner Bros.“I am desperately trying not to pick up the accent,” she tells Mandrake at the premiere of her new film Guardians of the Galaxy in Leicester Square.

She appeared in the following sixth series in 2011 and the first five episodes of the seventh series in 2012.Part of the BBC's multimedia "switch" programming, the short episodes interconnect with online games that further explore the environments presented in the series.She was cast for the role of the Eleventh Doctor's first companion, Amy Pond, on the British sci-fi series Doctor Who in May 2009.She appeared in the Channel 4 film Stacked, playing the role of Ginny.Gillan also appeared on TV in a leading role in a horror project entitled The Well, which was broadcast as a series of episodic short films on BBC Two and later as a web series on uk.

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