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"I was getting my hair cut, and I knew he was there.That's when I learned to never overestimate myself and underestimate somebody else."Serving a 10-year prison sentence, Co-host Dallas Penn asks the Brooklyn rapper how he was able to avoid being institutionalized.We see you baby, welcome to the Royal Brooklyn Family [Verse 1: Lil Kim] I got killas in Belize I got niggas in the league NBA, NHL, MLB Watch how I go off on the Hennessy NFL no sacks I got the ball like a running back My nigga OT with a hundred packs I hit the mall with a hundred racks Two straps like a back pack Rolls Royce and a Maybach Back to Back like a Drake rap Drive the Rari like I'm on a race track White kicks Buscemi Black Whip Borghini Back on top like a beanie Eat the booty like zucchini He pulled it out, it was teeny Pour some ketchup on that weenie My niggas pour lean in Bellinis My pussy wet like a bikini Getting cheese, fettuccine Move work out the deli Move my body like a genie Disapper, Makaveli [Verse 2: Maino] I got broads in Atlanta Couple broads that are scammers They work hard to Atlanta To hit the malls in Atlanta YSL, Fly as hell Party like we just got out of jail Couple my shooters fresh out on bail I keep them bitches that's bad as hell I blew my money in aces I’ve seen your woman crush naked Fuck and forgot what her name is She didn’t even know what a wraith is Hop out the rolly royce Diamonds all over my rolly boy You fell in love with the bitch Did you think you was her only boy?I am the king of the streets Niggas you look up to cater to me Always been full, with the k in the street I told ‘em that I would be back with the queen Ya done messed up, feel the pressure Chain too big, can’t lift my neck up Just one hand, I lift the tech up At his head, case he vest up!If the ads navigated you to another page, then use the back button to navigate back to the exact page where the problem started and submit from there.

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Mixtape: The Mafia Essential Info: Maino has always carried himself like a boss and now the Brooklyn, New York MC has finally risen to Don status by assembling his hand-picked family of rap assassins. A.'s 1995 debut Conspiracy and while Maino's Mafia may conjure up memories of Biggie's crew, the only similarity is in the name. That's not what this is, ain't nothing junior about this over here.

On Tuesday (October 9), the "Hi Hater" spitter officially introduced the Mafia to rap fans via the group's self-titled debut mixtape. , Lucky Don, Twigg Martin, Hustle Hard Mouse and Maino himself, the Mafia aim to make a major splash with this little thing of theirs. No disrespect to that because if it wasn't for Big and if it wasn't for Kim I wouldn't be here. "Big put Kim on, Kim helped me, that's no secret to nobody, but this is my own thing." The Black Flag Mafia, as Maino's crew is more commonly known, has had a strong presence in New York's underground, but in order for the squad to hold appeal in the marketplace, the savvy rapper tweaked the name a bit.

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