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There are a number of types of community strings, the most commonly used ones are the Read Only or "get" community string that only provides access for viewing statistics and system parameters.

In many cases the Read Only community string or password is set to the word "public;" you should change it from this easy-to-guess value whenever possible.

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MYD -rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 4096 2010-12-19 columns_priv. For ease of use, equipment vendors provide Management Information Base (MIB) files for their devices that define the functions of the OIDs they contain.

Table 22-1 shows how some commonly used OIDs map to their MIB definitions.

For example, the SMI org MIB defines all the topmost OIDs found at the next layer, which is named dod; the internet MIB under dod defines the function of the topmost OIDs in the directory, mgmt, experimental, and private branches.

Most Red Hat and Fedora Linux software product packages are available in the RPM format, whereas Debian and Ubuntu Linux use DEB format installation files.

When searching for these packages, remember that the filename usually starts with the software package name and is followed by a version number, as in net-snmp-utils-5.1.1-2.i386

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