Needs updating

I thought it might have been user error, so tried to use the form on our site to book, and got a page with our logo and the following error message: 'Sorry, the owner of this calendar needs to make a change to their account before this page can be used.

As soon as the owner of this calendar upgrades their You Can Book.

Me account, this will start to work.' There is no indication as to what upgrades need to be made. It may be linked to the recent changes we've made to the calendar as regards who can update or add induction slots, or the timing may just be coincidental, but it's preventing people from making bookings as of right now (9/11/17, 3pm).

wrote: We've had an email that someone is unable to book the laser through the website.

Keep in mind that if you try to update an app purchased from another i Tunes Store account, you are prompted for that account’s ID and password.

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