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At 48, it is not easy, even though I am in the best shape of my life, finding attractive women to have a friendship/relationship has been very difficult.

None at my gym, church, and forget about bars, not into that scene anymore.

Is it possible to get girls that look like her in China?

I call it a "dating film" You Tube - DSCN1520 Kacholi practicing his moves You Tube - DSCN1462 Here is another ritual which is mating related You Tube - DSCN1461 Territorial rights/ male supremecy You Tube - DSCN1385 Love is in the air !

She also told me she goes to church every sunday with her mom. Fortunately for me, there is no heartache, or love lost, just a few hundred bucks... Something tells me that her angry outbursts with me, were very revealing, I think unconsciously she deliberately sabotaged our relationship, there could've been a friendship, but that is gone now. I did stress faith, and the importance of love in our lives, and how important God is to me.

I have no problem sending her money for her mom, but before I might do this, another set of eyes, or any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. And whatever money I sent to her is between her and Him, she will have to make accountability for what she says and does. Well at the end of the day, I'd rather be me, than her.

Normally if I was doing the wrong thing, my subconscious would tell me, or my dreams would be strange, nightmares, etc...nothing.

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Hello Forum, I am a newbie, and cautious, but not a victim of the webcam or dating services.

No I learned the hard way of having a nervous breakdown over a Brazilian stripper, living here in NJ, 6 months into a dysfunctional relationships, she tells me she is married , that was 6 years ago.

I have not met too many that acknowledge God anymore.

After a week of being part of a chat group, I joked with her that I'm coming to Bucharest and I'm staying with her..freaked out... So she was being honest, and 5 minutes went by then she pm'd and explained her situation.

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