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But what derailed Mc Cants career wasn’t the relationship itself, but the lifestyle choices that came with it.

Dating a Kardashian implies red carpet appearances, clubbing every other day, getaways to resorts, staying at expensive hotels — basically the complete opposite of the discipline that an NBA player is expected to display.

1 overall selection in the BIG3‘s Draft Combine last month by Trilogy, a team including former Denver Nuggets big men Kenyon Martin and Al Harrington.

Way back before Tristan Thompson and James Harden, another NBA baller shot his shot (and scored) with Khloe Kardashian.

He told the Charlotte Observer newspaper: "Without that situation in play, I’m a -70 million player. Her best friend Malika Haqq revealed: "She is so unbelievably happy and I couldn’t be happier for her. My real goal is to celebrate my birthday every year somewhere where I haven’t been, so it starts this year.He played in the Mc Donald's All-American Game with future Tar Heel teammates Raymond Felton and Sean May.Former NBA swingman Rashad Mc Cants has only one regret upon finding himself on the outside looking in on the league.“I’ve been told, numerous conversations and numerous sources, that I’ve been blackballed,” Mc Cants added. When one person who is a higher up, Hall of Famer, says don’t touch him, they won’t.And that’s just how it is.” On the other hand, Mc Cants believes that he has found his new permanent home in the BIG3 three-on-three professional basketball league.

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