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"I knew Arnold was the father, and maybe as Joseph got older and began to look like him, he [Schwarzenegger] wondered.

But he never said anything to me," she claimed in the magazine interview.

I thought that this film was a pure waste of time because it didn't do anything good with its plot.

The film relied on clichs the whole time, and the film was predictable.

It was a bowling alley/arcade/indoor water slide extravaganza where even the most geeky, awkward child could feel as though he or she was a star.

What attracted me most to Celebrity's was the waterslides.

When I as a kid, there was no better place in Denver than Celebrity's Sports Center.

I was not an athletic adolescent -- I spent more time reading books in my bedroom than I did tossing around the pigskin or chasing skirt -- but luckily for me Celebrity's Sports Center wasn't that type of "sports" place.

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I am truly sorry." Shriver, 57, filed for divorce in July 2011 citing "irreconcilable differences," but the case has shown little court activity and now appears dormant. that she never told Schwarzenegger he was Joseph's dad.

"Never have I told him Joseph was his son, never did he ask me, and never did we talk about it." She said she even concocted an elaborate lie to cover her tracks.

"As Joseph matured, I found myself staring at Arnold more and more.

There were three: the Dolphin, the Shark, and the Barracuda.

Despite its often being referred to as the "baby" slide, or the "slow" one, I most enjoyed the Dolphin.

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