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Quarterback Jake Harrow is furious when girlfriend Alcie refuses to play along at a Lancers PR party to coax the press but confronts team boss Bill Marsh and inspires the bored press to focus on the hellcats instead.

Marti's mother tells Dan, shamelessly disclosing her daughter's diary confidences, she considers them soul-mates.

Instead, Marti’s scholarship gets cancelled and her mother “forgets” to tell her.

Out of options, Marti finds herself fighting for a spot on the Hellcats — Lancer’s legendary cheer squad — and for the scholarship that comes with it.

Savannah will still have feelings for her former first boyfriend, but she'll focus her energies on the Hellcats making it to college cheerleading Nationals.

"She puts her team first because her personal life is going crazy," Tisdale says.

"And having that friendship where they're happy with a lover, but can come back to each other and say, 'I need somebody to make me laugh.' Then they can have that release." Outside of their boy troubles, Savannah will learn something shocking and surprising about her pregnant sister — Tisdale calls the big twist "very juicy" — while Marti will run into family drama when she seeks out questions about her father's past.

"She knows he died when she was young, but then things don't match up [with what her mother has told her]," Michalka says.

Savannah takes that as, 'We can be friends, but we got to work better to communicate and be trustworthy." As for Dan, getting over him won't be easy, both actresses agree, but it will happen.

The squad needs a new member when the beautiful Alice Verdura is injured, and Marti’s fierce style, soulful moves and gymnastic elegance win her a place on the team, despite an ugly encounter with Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) Monroe, a petite and peppy Texan who ends up being Marti’s new roommate.

Marti instantly hits it off with her new squad partner, the charming and extremely athletic Lewis Flynn, and their budding friendship causes alarm bells to go off for Lewis’ ex, Alice, as well as Marti’s long-time friend, Dan Patch.

"You're going to see the struggles that she's going through and you're going to actually feel for her," Michalka says.

Star Aly Michalka says that somehow her character will redeem herself.

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