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Throughout the week, we’ll have stories about how people have coped in the immediate aftermath of a split; we’ll help you decide whether breakup sex is a good or bad idea; and we’ll look at whether, after you’ve healed, it makes sense to keep an ex around as a friend.

Whether you’re going through a fresh breakup now or are still smarting from an old one, Solo-ish is here for you.

“I tried setting him up with a girlfriend of mine,” she said. There was no spark at all.” About six months after her breakup, however, there was a spark for Carnes and Ryan.

This past June, Carnes was just starting to enjoy being single when she found herself at a party at the National Museum of American History that Ryan was also attending.

A year later, Carnes is in a relationship with a man she’s crazy about — and who had a front-row seat for her previous relationship.

When she and her ex from the video were together, they had a weekly date-night tradition of spending Friday nights at Cusbah, an Indian restaurant on H Street NE.

At month 12, we should be planning on moving in together.” But his fiancee, Catherine, will not be put on a timeline.

Givens said he was ready to propose to her a year ago, but that she wanted to live together first before making that decision.

And I know a lot of people in his life had to have felt the same way," Herren told "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant.

Though for a while, she fought the idea of getting back into something serious.

“He’s single-handedly made me believe in love again, taught me what a GOOD relationship is like, and has made me the happiest I have ever been,” Carnes said in an email.

A year later, Schlichte is single and trying to be more bold when it comes to expressing his feelings for people.

He also reports that he’s “less concerned with the idea of being in a long-term relationship and more concerned with exploring a lot of different kinds of relationships.” What kind of relationships, exactly?

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