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It was supposed findings of RAD, of course, that led to the wrongful diagnosis of child abuse in large numbers of children in Cleveland in the 1980s.It remains a somewhat controversial diagnostic tool.Lindsay et al found a recantation rate of 16.9% in 257 substantiated cases of CSA which had relied on formal interviews by police and social services.” a series of more detailed observations and assessments over a longer period of time by a psychiatrist or psychotherapist with a particular interest and expertise in child maltreatment including sexual abuse In fact, as Pauffley’s judgment makes clear, far from demonstrating that they had had any experience of sexual acts, the physical findings were completely inconclusive.The judge ruled that there had been no satanic cult or sexual abuse, and there was a simple though unpleasant reason why the children had claimed that there had been: The children’s false stories came about as the result of relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse.

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Deborah Hodes is a Consultant Community Paediatrician in the community trust for the London Borough of Camden and at University College London Hospitals.However on this occasion I have paid more than passing attention because the school in question happens to be where two of my children learnt to read and write and where they spent seven exceptionally happy years.When the previous Head Teacher left in 2007 there were some parents, myself included, who thought that her deputy, an inspirational teacher loved by children and staff alike ought to have got the job.Unfortunately, in what seems to be the fashionable way, rather than approach the allegations sceptically the police decided to “believe the victims” and treated them, at least to start with, as true.The recording of the children being coached was simply put in a cupboard and, it seems, ignored.

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