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Have you got any idea why it's not updating automatically ?Under Cross EPG setup I have the following info - Enable cvs import - no Scheduled download - once a day Scheduled download at - 0700 Show as plugin - yes Show as extension - yes Thanks again.The time in seconds the EPG updater stays on a transponder to gather the EPG data.Normally the default value of 30 seconds is more than enough.2008-04-26 .446 Found 0 2008-04-26 .446 Marking episode first showings.2008-04-26 .447 Found 0 2008-04-26 .447 Marking episode last showings.

Hi, My new Duo box with Vix image arrived last week and the EPG has been fine from day one.

Hi Hope ive posted in the right section but im having problems with my EPG not updating,i was using crossepgdownloader to update my channels but noticed problems with the last image i was running the xtrend 9200 i was using was having many errors and sticking in a loop i was advised that the image i had was unstable and should try the latest image which i have done but now its not updating the bouquets again and im not sure of the right action to update my bouquets without further problems, any help would be appreciated.

If flashing build 790 does not sort your EPG issues try removing Cross EPG via the plugins section then reinstall it again from the feeds, this has helped a few other members although i personally have not had any issues with Cross EPG.

2008-04-26 .447 Found 0 2008-04-26 .448 Grabbing next suggested grabbing time 2008-04-26 .905 2008-04-26 .908 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5) 2008-04-26 .969 Using protocol version 31 2008-04-26 .488 mythfilldatabase run complete.

If this check box is activated no EPG Data is read from the DVB Datastream.

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