Who is choi minho dating

My dear, kang tae joon, you are the most favourite actor of mine..

don't give up anything, do your best all the time..

I really love you baby you are really handsome hard working and I love youre voice ,acting but please just stop lose weight..... I love Hyun Woo's character too, he's gay and so funny and I love the way how he smile even in his saddest moment.

I want to see you healthier and really miss you're long hair..... I've watched To the Beautiful You drama for 8 times now and I am planning to watch them again.

I will not say that you are so beautiful but I will say that you have the ability to do good. According to my friends and family, You looks like my twin.

Tae joon ..are the most beautiful and good look boy..smile is no chance..awesome ....super... Your acting will make your character of my prayer to god is to see you I think may be it comes true anyhow keep rocking.

It's one of the best dramas that will never be forgotten...???? I discovered you in Because it's the first time and I litterally fell in love with you.

He can play quirky and funny roles not the dramatic and serious type. uhm i just started watching kdramas during our christmas break and fortunately found a wonderful series "To the beautiful you" I was so amused by how amazing you are as an actor and a model, I watched it only for 2 days for i was inspired by your motto and everything about you. You and sulli unnie have amazing charisma together.

prince min ho cute baby please one more time come to india,and keep smile at any time ok its not pain to heart &think positive life is always jolly Saranghe oppa ? Make sure you go to other places in india as well *cough* hyderabad *cough* There are a lot of kpop fans here, you have nothing to worry about. I refer that name 'Tae joon' as i saw only "TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU" series ..! I dont even think u know how to read english u guys hardly speak english. Just to let u know there r indian korean fans but u guys just went to the wrong side of the country!!

I am not a big fan of Shinee but I keep on listening thanks to you. Always smile brightly coz your smile is the best and the cutest smile I have ever seen.

HI minho i just finished watching to the beautiful you and i found it nice..my G.i can't help myself but after the winter sonata then came out this drama wah and then to find out the characters there if not married has a girlfriend i am really so sad,i really dont want it to know you personal info.

i hope that you and all SHINee members will come to SRI LANKA...

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